It’s been a long break, but it’s finally time to get back to my blog.

I don’t want anyone to get it twisted though, I haven’t been taking a hiatus from writing. I’ve just changed the format. It’s been a lot of sporadic passages at different lengths. As well as a much more personal level of writing and documenting events occurring throughout my life.

A large amount of time has been consumed with my new occupation and working full-time.

However, I’ve committed to keeping my work and personal life as far apart as I can. It helps with my sanity.

Furthermore, I wanted to keep this as more of an announcement to the world, rather than another post, out of the blue.

There is a new and improved site coming!

I’m really excited because it’s truly starting to sink in, how long it’s been away from blogging.

Thank you so much to everyone who as ever taken the time to read one of my posts or inquire about my writing.

Stay Blessed;

Stay tuned!